Keynote Speakers: Michael Wheeler (University of Stirling) and David Roden (Open University)


We are welcoming submissions for the 7th Annual University of Sussex Graduate Conference in Phenomenology. This year the conference theme is ‘Phenomenology, Science, and Consciousness: The Transcendental and the Naturalistic’. A sizeable body of original and important research is developing at the intersection of the phenomenological tradition, philosophy of mind, and cognitive science. Over the course of the conference we hope to explore the latest developments occurring in this space, particularly surrounding issues related to the compatibility or incompatibility of transcendental and naturalistic approaches. This may involve papers with an explicitly critical stance, just as it may include papers concentrating on the possibilities of mutual illumination.


We invite abstracts from those working in and around issues occurring at the intersection of phenomenology, cognitive science and the philosophy of mind. Our intention is to encourage fruitful and robust discussion across intellectual traditions and disciplinary boundaries. As such we welcome relevant submissions from those working in traditionally ‘continental’ or ‘analytic’ philosophical areas, as well as from those working in cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology.


Priority will be given to current doctoral students, but we also welcome submissions from postdoctoral researchers, as well as MA students.


The conference provides graduate students an opportunity to present their work and receive extensive feedback from peers and specialists in the field. It is a two-day conference, organised by graduate students for graduate students. The conference will follow a single ‘stream’ in terms of structure, ensuring that every speaker has the opportunity to address all of the attendees.


Possible topics include, but are not limited to:





Submissions should be ready for blind review and should consist of two separate documents containing the following:


The title and the abstract (maximum 500 words) of your presentation. The abstract should state and explain the topic of the presentation and the way in which it contributes and relates to the themes of the conference. This document should not include your name or institutional affiliation.

A separate cover letter that includes: the title of your presentation; your name; institutional affiliation; current academic status; and contact information.

Submissions should be sent to no later than the 30th of March 2015.


Useful information:


The conference will be held at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.


Notifications of acceptance will be sent by the 8rd of April 2016.


Accepted speakers will be allocated 40 minutes in total: 20 minutes in which to deliver their paper and 20 minutes for Q&A.


The conference fee is £30.00 for each accepted speaker. This event is open to and free for the public.


For any further inquiries, please contact the organiser – Robb Dunphy, at

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